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Andaman itinerary

If you have a weeks time why don’t you think about traveling to Andaman island instead of Goa? In this blog post, we are guiding you the perfect itinerary for the pristine Andaman & Nicobar islands in 9 days. Before you start, make sure to read our complete guide to plan a trip to Andaman & Nicobar islands here.

Day 1 in this Itinerary is kept for reaching Andaman Islands

Cellular Jail Andaman

First day is to reach Andaman by air or ship. Either the case Port Blair will be where you will reach first. Depending on whenever you reach , today’s plan will be limited. Explore the Cellular Jail and watch the sunset at Corbyns Cove beach.

After that you can chose to see the light and sound show in Cellular jail, followed by dinner at New Light House Restaurant by the bay.

Day 2 is to reach Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach

Day 2 is when you head out to Havelock Island, considering you already reached a day prior you start early as you would want to spend the most of the time in this gorgeous place. There are multiple boats to the island starting 7AM in the morning till sunset.

It takes 2-3 hrs ride to reach Havelock. While in the boat keep a close eye at the sea as you might see flying fishes. Once you reach the port you will find autos who can give you a ride to your hotel. Freshen up and then get a scooter rental to explore the island.

Today you explore Radhanagar beach, one of the worlds beautiful beaches and spend maximum time here. You need to enjoy sunset from this beach and stay a little longer if you want to see bio-luminescence plankton. On your way back have dinner in the market Welcome Restaurant.

Day 3 is to Explore Havelock Island and Diving

Kalapatthar beach andaman itinerary

Day 3 is when you wake up early for sunrise, if that’s your thing and head out to Kalapathar Beach. Though sunrise is gorgeous from here but this beach is not suitable for swimming. You can then have breakfast and go for a small dive in the island if interested, else relax at any beach.

Afternoon take a boat trip to Elephant Beach, in case sea is choppy and the boats are not running then you can take an hour hike (one way) to the beach and enjoy their. Trust me that beach will be all worth it, if you have 3-4hrs in hand. You can snorkel at Elephant beach, so don’t forget your snorkel masks.

Day 4 in Andaman islands Itinerary visit Neil Island and explore

Laxmanpur beach

Neil Island is very small island you can cover the entire island in scooter just in 1 hr. Once you reach take an auto or cab to your hotel and check in.

If you are planning just 5 day itinerary for Andaman islands, then you need to do all the beaches here and head out next day to Port Blair to catch a flight. Otherwise take a stroll to Laxmanpur beach for sunset. Try to explore Laxmanpur beach from all direction as much as possible.

Day 5 spend in Neil Island Diving and Snorkel

Neil Island natural bridge

Today you need to wake up early around 5am for sunrise at Sitapur Beach. After sunrise spend sometime exploring Sitapur beach, we could not do it but highly recommend to do so.

Next activity you need to plan based on the tidal timings, if it is low tide after visiting Sitapur beach, then visit the Natural bridge formed. This bridge is only accessible during low tide so it is very important that you visit accordingly. If you don’t then you will not be able to see it at all from the shore. You need to walk a little bit to see the bridge.

Once done you can decide to go for water sports activities in Neil island. This island is also rich in marine life so, you can chose to snorkel or dive here.

You can see sunset at Laxmanpur beach and call it a night at Neil island.

Day 6: Neil Island to Port Blair

Chidiya tapu

Today you will be taking morning ferry back to Port Blair and check in to your hotel for 3 nights. You can rent a bike or hire a car to do some more sightseeing for the day. You for 3 islands hopping trip from aberdeen jetty (Ross, Viper and North Bay) or be content just to visit Ross island. Later in the day go for a sunset spot all the way to south of Port Blair, Chidiya Tapu. You can try to do some bird watching here and enjoy the gorgeous sunset from this spot. At night you can drive back to your hotel in Port Blair. If you want you can chose to stay near Chidiya Tapu as well, this area is less touristy and peaceful.

Day 7 in Andaman Islands Itinerary spend in Jolly Buoy Island

Andaman itinerary

You will need permit to visit Jolly Buoy island in Andaman island. This is a protected island best for snorkeling, glass boat riding and enjoying the colorful marine lives in this island. Trust me the marine life you get to see here is better than Havelock for sure. After spending almost half a day here you can visit Wandoor beach and enjoy sunset from here.

Day 8 for visiting Baratang Island


Baratang Island trip also requires permit so make sure you plan it well in advance. It will mostly be a group tour where you need to leave early morning for Baratang Island to see native people of Andaman Islands. The Jarowa tribe does not come into contact of civilization and interact with few forest officers. You will be passing by their place in an enclosed vehicle with a possibility of seeing them. This trip will also take you to see mud volcanoes active in the region as well as visit to lime stone caves is included.

Day 9 is flying back home

Andaman itinerary

Last day is kept to fly back home and do some shopping from the island. As this is union territory, buying alcohol will be cheap. You can buy some souvenirs as well, but make sure if you are buying any corals or shell items from the island keep the receipt handy. In the airport while flying back the customs do check your bag and taking shells, corals or conch shells found at the beach is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from buying any such items from an unauthorised seller.

I hope this itinerary help you to plan your trip. If you have lesser number of days then you can definitely cancel one of the island hopping tour and a day in Neil Island to make it a 7 day itinerary. You can easily reverse the plan as per your wish to start seeing everything in Port Blair and then proceed to Havelock and Neil.

The only reason I have kept it reverse is the transfer between islands are subject to weather condition and approval of the Govt. Marine officers. Daily check of the boats happen and they can get cancelled anytime and the last thing you want is to be stranded in the island on the day of your flight.

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