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Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary is a Bird Watcher’s Paradise in Maharashtra. A weekend gateway from Mumbai or Pune. Every year during winter season many migratory birds visit Maharashtra, even the polluted wet lands of Mumbai gets blessed with these visitors. We heard about this place from our photographer friends and couldn’t resist a visit there.

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Best Time to Visit Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary

Best time to visit Bhigwan will be Feb and March, but the season starts from December to April every year.

How to reach Bhigwan?

Bhigwan Boat ride bird sanctuary
  •  The best way to reach Bhigwan is by car. You can drive from Mumbai or Pune and still make it on time for the sunset ride.
  • By train you can also reach Bhigwan which will be the most budget option. There are 5 direct trains which takes time from 4 – 7 hrs to reach. You can also take a train from Pune to Bhigwan.

Where to Stay in Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary?

Stay at Bhigwan

There are three stay option in Bhigwan.

  • There are many hotels in Bhigwan town, which is a bit far from the bird sanctuary. If you don’t have a car then you need to arrange transportation till the sanctuary as it’s not walking distance.
  • There are plenty of home stays near the lake, you can choose to stay on these basic accommodation in the village.
  • One more stay option is there which is bang on the bank of the lake. There is a camping ground near the lake where you can stay in the camp midst of nature. There is going to be a common washroom that you can use while camping, make sure you book it well in advance.

Where to eat?

There are few restaurants in the Bhigwan city area, apart from these you can order food from the place you are staying.
Boat rides are 2-3 hrs long so make sure you carry some snacks and water along with you.

Things to do at Bhigwan National Park

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary

There are two things you can do at Bhigwan

  • Sunrise/ Sunset boat ride to see the birds. The boat ride costs 600 Rupees for the entire boat as of last year.
  • Night walk- At night you can opt for a guided walk to spot different spider varieties and night jar bird whose sightings are rare , costs 400 Rupees.

Our Itinerary for Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary

Bhigwan Pune

We will recommend you to stay overnight in Bhigwan and take both sunrise/ sunset cruise. If you are planning to come from far we will recommend you to halt midway and then reach here.

Things to Note

  • Please do not litter at these lakes
  • Please refrain using motor boats 
  • If you have to use motor boats, please make sure the boat man stops the motor far away from the birds and rows towards them
  • Do not use your boat to to fly away the birds to get flying or take off photographs
  • Please maintain distance
  • Please do not try to feed the birds

 We have done our booking through a person named Datta Nagare, please let us know if you need his contact details.

Check out our video:

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4 thoughts on “Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary – Weekend Getaway”

  1. Hi
    I had been looking for options to visit Bhigwan. Loved your inputs. Please share Datta ji s phone no. We would like to know how much walking is involved as we have senior citizens with us so long walks can be problem. Would wait for your respond. Thank you

    1. Sorry for late reply, if you reach out to me on instagram( I can dm you the number. I don’t want to share his number in the post. To your question you don’t need to walk much so Sr.citizens and childrens can enjoy it.

  2. It was a very good coverage, gives lot of information, Some good photos.But madam always if roads will be good and tar surface there will be easy access and over crowded.In my own experience many bird places have been spoiled because of access of two many vehicles.How ever your video was good.

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