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Chitkul is often known as the last village of India, being one of those village very closed to Indian Tibet border. Last village or not? Chitkul is a insanely gorgeous village in Himachal Pradesh, located by the banks of Baspa river. Most of the time people choose to visit this village as a day visit. We have done the same mistake too, so here we are telling you why you should spend sometime in Chitkul? To do that all information you need to plan your trip to Chitkul village will be covered here.

Chitkul Weather

This Himachali village is located 11k feet above sea level. It is close to Tibet, so it’s going to be cold even in summer. During winter most of the time the road gets cut off due to heavy snowfall and if that’s your thing then you can opt to visit during December to February to witness snowfall. Remember it is going to be really cold temperature will go down below -19° C. The best time would be to visit during Indian summer months April to June. During monsoon reaching here can be tricky due to land slides, so our suggestion would be to avoid this route from July to August.

How to reach Chitkul?

Chitkul is a remote village. To reach here either you can do it by taking hrtc buses or by hiring a car. In case you are in a long weekend trip from Delhi/Chandigarh our recommendation will be hire a cab for the entire trip. This way you will loose less time. In case time is not your constraints then you can take a bus to Shimla from Delhi/Chandigarh, stay overnight in Shimla. Next day take another bus to Sangla, from here you can take share cabs to Chitkul. You can also hitchhike from Sangla or take a bus as well from Sangla to Chitkul (there are daily buses). You can find the timetables here.

Where to Stay?

Most of the tourist choose to do a day visit, causing not having a plethora of stay option in the village. Making it a perfect non-commercialized getaway for travelers. You have few option of home-stay and hostels here. Please remember the place is a bit pricey, due to lack of option. You will get private rooms ranging from 2-2.5k rupees a night if you pre-book through online portals. There is also budget hostel options like The Wanderers Nest or Zostel which will cost 600 rupees per person a hostel bed. You have expensive tent option by the river, which you can chose if that’s your thing.

Connectivity in the village

Internet or even cell phone signal is a luxury in this small village. There is only BSNL that works in this village and internet is 2G only, so you will have the perfect internet detoxification here. There are no Power connectivity issue though, unless there is a snow storm.

Things to do in Chitkul

  • Chitkul Temple A beautiful and gorgeous temple in the village is the one of those places you can visit. The intricate temple wooden curving and tower structure might fascinate you.
  • Baspa River Baspa river flows right next to the river and you can camp there or enjoy by the side of the river. May be playing with the pebbles or just sitting and taking it all in.
  • Go for a Chitkul pass trek there are few trails in and around Chitkul that you can take to enjoy great hiking experience in the Himalayas
  • Visit Rakcham village Rakcham village won Indian Presidential award of most clean village in India . It is equally beautiful so if you want to stay here or visit you can definitely do so.

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