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Our first backpackers stay experience was with SugarLoaf Backpackers, in this post we share our experience. On our road trip to South Africa, we decided to go to Coffee Bay last minute. As a result we couldn’t get any booking and only place available was Sugar Loaf Back Packers. In the past, we never had any experience with backpackers stay, so skeptically we went ahead with the booking.

We really didn’t know what to expect, so instead of booking beds per head we booked an entire hut. It took us more than 4 hrs to reach Coffee Bay. As a result, we arrived in afternoon, driving all the way from East London. Sugar Loaf Backpackers was properly located in Google Maps so had no problem finding the place. On arrival we parked our car in their secured parking area and entered the place.


Coffee Bay View

As we stepped in, we completely fell in love with this place. Eco friendly door way, beautifully hand painted murals, and nicely decorated with plants and surf boards. Local ladies were selling beads necklaces in the corner. As you enter the bar and dining area, you get the feeling of real vibe of the place, hangout place of backpackers and surfers.

It is located just by the bay, you can see the ocean from the front yard, and enjoy the sunrise lying on a hammock. At night the front yard becomes a party place where live fresh BBQ, music, fun and drinks. We don’t surf and had not many days in this place else would have loved to stay a bit longer.


Hole in the Wall is remote and little dodgy place, before reaching there we heard lots of scary stories in TripAdvisor. We were also little scared to stay at any random place.This place is highly secured with voltage wired fences, CCTVs and huge dogs monitoring all the time and had very good reviews.


Sugarloaf rooms

Sugar Loaf Backpackers in Coffee Bay had many options to choose from. They had huts, rooms and tents.You can book an entire hut or book a bed in a hut. We booked an entire African hut having 5beds. The rooms are nicely done clean sheets, no traces of dirt in the room and was very basic. It didn’t have any air conditioning, had a fan and no strong locks for the doors or windows. That can be a reason to stress for many travellers, but we didn’t face any issues.

The rooms doesn’t have a private washroom. There is a common washroom that needs to be used for bath or toilet. There were no toiletries provided or even towels, which expected in backpackers or hostel stays. Thank god we carried both. If you are going to stay at backpackers make sure to carry your towel and toiletries.

There is a restaurant to order food and drinks. There is also an open kitchen to cook yourself a meal.

Coffee Bay Stay

The place is pretty impressive with nice friendly people running it. As well as its located near to the beach and the property overlooks the ocean.

The place doesn’t come cheap. We payed INR2,700, but all other accommodation options in Hole in The Wall are expensive. We will definitely recommend them for your trip, do watch our video to have a feel of the place.

Sugarloaf BackPacker

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