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Goa In Monsoon

Goa in Monsoon ? Who could have thought of a beach destination in Monsoon? But Goa is different. It is blessed with the Western Ghats along with its coast line, that makes it a perfect place to visit, even during monsoon. We visited Goa in August month, independence-day long weekend. Please read on to find out more on Goa in Monsoon.

Visiting Goa In Monsoon for you?

Vagator Beach

Is visiting Goa in Monsoon for you? Our answer will be No, if you are visiting Goa for the first time. If you have been to Goa in the past, then you can definitely visit Goa in Monsoon.

Goa in Monsoon is green and beautiful, but the rains in Western Ghats can continue for days. i.e. why if you are planning to come to Goa in Rains, there might be chances that you might not be able to do much for a day or two. For a first timer that can be disappointing as you’ll definitely want to explore the state.

Where to Stay in Goa in Monsoon?

Hotel Amani Vagator

Goa in Monsoon is considered to be off-season, so you will get good deals on hotels and resorts. There will be plenty of packages available to choose from during this time. You can get very good comfortable accommodation in 1k-2.5K Rupees in good hotels with a pool and air-conditioned room.

When we visited Goa in August (Independence holiday long weekend), the prices were a bit high as it was long weekend. Instead of that we stayed in two beautiful hotels in North Goa for 2 nights in each. We stayed in Camelot Beach Resort and Hotel Amani Vagator, costed us rough 2.5k per night.

Our recommendation will be sticking to North Goa for stay during monsoon, as many restaurants and pubs remains open during the season. If you choose to go South stay near Madgaon, Max till Varca to have all the facilities available.

Where to eat in Goa in Rains?

During monsoon season all the beach shacks are closed in Goa. Only few shacks remains open in Baga beach Goa near Titos lane. So, if you want to eat out in Goa during monsoon, your best bet is the local restaurants than the beach shacks. In Baga try Brittos, in Panjim try Ritz and in Madgaon try Martin’s Corner for authentic Goan cuisine. Apart from that in Baga area you will find plenty of restaurants to cater to your taste offering variety of continental/ Indian dishes.

Getting around in Goa in August

Goa in Monsoon

You can get scooter or motorbike rentals in Goa, almost 300-350 rupees per day. If you book for longer days you can bargain a better deal. During monsoon season you will get fancy bikes/scooters in that amount in comparison to peak season. You can also get car rentals here if you are in larger group then that might be a good option.

Tourist vehicles and chauffeur driven cars are also available during monsoon.

Top things to do in Goa in Monsoon

Sunset in goa

Monsoon in Goa lasts mainly from June to September. Towards the end of the monsoon it rains heavily for hours and then stops for few hours, giving you enough time to explore. As we have mentioned sightseeing in Goa might depends on the rain conditions, there are few top most things you can do in Goa that is specific to the season. Here is our list of things you can do in Goa in Rains.

Chasing Waterfalls

Harvalem Waterfall

Multiple waterfalls come to life in Western Ghats during monsoon, so does in Goa. There are many waterfalls to explore and chase. If we can suggest, the top will be Dudhsagar waterfall, though swimming and getting near the waterfall is prohibited during monsoon. You can go for a hike or camping near Dudhsagar. We would also recommend Harvalem waterfall beautiful and safe.

Explore Paddy Fields

Goa in Monsoon

Goa turns lush green in monsoon season and you really need to explore its fields and villages for true experience of monsoon. The beauty of grey clouds and green fields with coconut trees on the side, one distant chapel in the view is breath taking. Our suggestion will be renting a scooter and go out exploring.


Nightlife doesn’t get hampered due to monsoon, so Baga Titos Lane lights up at night. You can visit Titos lane for pub hopping and disco experience. You can also opt for beach shack experience in front of Titos. 3-4 shacks will stay open even in monsoon.

Enjoy Sunset

Goa in Monsoon

If it doesn’t rain in the evening, do try to get a glimpse of sunset near the beach or the forts in Goa. During monsoon the sunsets can be stunning with beautiful colours due to the rain clouds. Stay a bit longer than the sunset time to experience the blue hour.

Restaurant Hopping

All restaurants remains open in Goa during monsoon. You can choose to explore authentic Goan cuisine experience during your stay. Food is good in Goa you will get Chinese, Mexican, Italian and Indian cuisine almost everywhere.

Aguada Fort

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  1. You are so right about, not visiting Goa during monsoon if you are a first time visitor. But for subsequent visit, it’s a big yes! Loved your blog.

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