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Jaisalmer Trip Itinerary in 3 Days

Jaisalmer – A desert city in Rajasthan India. It is famous for its beautiful sandstone fort and desert landscapes. You can plan a trip to this beautiful place just in 3 days. Here is a Jaisalmer trip itinerary curated for you to explore Jaisalmer in 3 days.

When to visit Jaisalmer?

View from Jaisalmer fort

The best time to visit Jaisalmer would be the winter months in India. November to February is the peak season. October and March months are the best time to visit according to us. Temperature will be moderate and as its almost end of season, it will be easy on your pocket. The peak season will be cold temperature will be around 9 to 20 degree centigrade. In summer months the temperature sore highest and unbearable 30 to 42 degree centigrade. You can even plan a trip during monsoon which is considered as low season and less rainfall makes it easy to explore. Thus your best bet will be to travel on October and March months.

Where to stay in Jaisalmer Trip?

Patwon ki Haveli

There are plenty options to stay in Jaisalmer and all depends on the amount you want to spend. We will suggest you staying one night in Jaisalmer desert camps and one night in Jaisalmer city. Desert camps will be expensive, but well worth it. When you are choosing a particular camp make sure it’s little away from the main road and in close proximity of a dune. We stayed in Prince Desert Camps in March long Holi weekend, it costed us 5k per night. If you are tight on a budget then you can chose a dune trip 800 rupees per person which will have dune visit, camel ride and dinner at the camp.

One night you need to spend near the Jaisalmer fort. Either choose your accommodation inside the fort or a walkable distance from the fort. We stayed out side the fort near the highway at Royal Haveli. There are many heritage homes and hotels with palace like feel, to choose from.

Where to eat in Jaisalmer Trip?

View from Tokyo Palace Restaurant

As I mentioned earlier, if you plan to stay at desert camp or visit sunset dune trips, your dinner will be covered in one of the camps along with folk dance and music.

In Jaisalmer city there are many roof top cafes to be, choose a cafe inside the fort for a beautiful sunset view over the city. Make sure you choose a rooftop restaurant for dinner which gives a picturesque view of the fort at night, as the it gets lit up to its full glory.

We had dinner at Tokyo Palace Restaurant and the food was okaish for Indian taste, but it famous amongst foreigners who wants to try Indian/Rajasthan cuisine.

How to reach Jaisalmer?

By Air:

The nearest airport to reach Jaisalmer is 300km away, i.e. Jodhpur airport. You can fly to Jodhpur and take a bus or car to reach Jaisalmer.

By Rail:

Jaisalmer city is well connected with Indian Railways from all major cities in India. You can book a rail journey from irctc to directly reach Jaisalmer town. You can also choose Jodhpur railway station to reach and then travel by road to Jaisalmer.

By Road:

You can opt for a self drive to Jaisalmer from Jaipur, Delhi or Mumbai. You can also hire a rental car from Jodhpur to reach Jaisalmer which will cost around 2k rupees. There are Ola and Uber available in Jodhpur which you can take for outstation drop. Budget option will be to take a non AC, local, luxury bus which leaves around 7am in the morning from Jodhpur and reaches Jaisalmer at 2pm. The cost of the bus travel will max 300 rupees per person. Thus you can experience the travel like locals and save almost 1400 rupees from renting a car.

Getting around in Jaisalmer

Thar Desert

Getting around in Jaisalmer can be done by auto rickshaw/ tuktuk. You can hire one to see all the sights in Jaisalmer town. If you are into saving the bucks we will suggest to walk and see the sights because all destinations are walkable distance in Jaisalmer.

Sam sand dunes or Thar desert trip will cost you 800-1000 per person if you are getting an evening trip. If you chose to stay in the desert the trip will cost you 2000 rupees oneway. Better to contact the hotel you will be staying for pick up and drop because it will be reliable and no cost difference.

Jaisalmer Trip Itinerary

Jaisalmer Fort

If you are planning a trip to Jaisalmer, we got you covered with a perfect Jaisalmer trip itinerary. To see Jaisalmer you need at-least 1night 2days but to enjoy in a medium pace we recommend 2night 3days.

Day1 : You arrive Jaisalmer, mostly you reach by afternoon. Day 1 you directly head towards the evening Desert safari trip. Enjoy the sunset in Thar desert and chose to stay the night either in the desert camps or back in Jaisalmer town.

Day2: This day will be reserved for sightseeing in Jaisalmer. Explore the all these places like: Jaisalmer fort, Patwon ki Haveli, Saleem Singh Haveli and Gadisar lake. End your day with a dinner at roof top cafe in Jaisalmer fort. To see sunrise you need to be at Gadisar lake but sunset should be covered from the fort.

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