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La Digue AirBnB Review: Best AirBnB La Digue

La Digue is a small Island with many AirBnB’s to choose from. There are few luxury hotels . We being budget traveler wanted to get the most out of our money so we decided to stay in La Digue AirBnB. After searching a lot the best place to stay, we came across Mera’s place, which was most positively reviewed with a reasonable amount of money.

We changed our travel dates in Seychelles, based on her place’s availability. She is mostly booked and if you are lucky enough to get it free then blindly go for it.

How much La Digue AirBnB Costs

We stayed with her for two nights and costed us 39$, i.e.2500 INR per night. We were lucky to get discount that year, as AirBnB was launched first time in India & were giving first timer’s discount, You can get INR 1200(18.5$) discount too if you use the this link to book.

Our first AirBnB experience in La Digue

Mera was our first official AirBnB experience. She was interactive; made sure her friend Ron picks us up on time and shows us the room. Ron also rents bicycle with reasonable rate if you take more than one-day rental.

Mera & Her Husband works at hospitality business so the day when we arrived Mera already left for work, & her husband was on his way to work, so Ron mainly showed us the room, but they made sure we have no issues.

The room was beautifully decorated & tastefully done. You can really see how owner’s profession made it to reach another level. The room had a comfortable bed, two wooden chairs inside & two plastic ones outside in your private balcony, a mini fridge, tea-coffee maker, plates and spoons, no kitchen and wardrobe.

Perfect for a two days stay. There was air conditioning available but charges extra.

The private bathroom was huge with separate shower area, beautifully designed and decorated.Towels & soaps were provided.

Mera and her husband cleans the room daily, which we didn’t expect as part of home stay. We had our things spread all over the place but still they managed to do room service, which was amazing.

Later had a chance to speak to Mera and meet her kids. She was very helpful, everyday kept a check on us if we need any help or food. She helped me with her suggestions on where to eat & go. Later we found out from another fellow traveler that she is a brilliant cook and we missed it.

She offered one day, but we had another plan & you have to inform her in advance, which we didn’t. Next day she had a long day at work and visited her relatives for dinner. We will suggest try out her food once in your stay.

Few things to keep in mind before you book, there are bugs and insects around if you don’t take the air conditioning and keep window open. We don’t have issues with this but few folks might. The fridge & wardrobe door hinges needed fixing.

We would definitely recommend her place if you are staying in La Digue AirBnB. Next time we plan for Seychelles, we will definitely going to try her food. It’s a private place where the hosts are friendly but not intrusive.

Here is room tour of the property.

Seychelles LadDigue AirBnb

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