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We travel in India or abroad we always make sure we light paint in all the gorgeous places we are travelling to. Light painting and travel has become like our daily chores. Be it sunrise or sunset along with our photography gears we are not only ready to shoot our photos and videos but also light painting.

What is Light Painting?

You must be wondering what is this light painting, well it’s a kind of long exposure photography. Light painting is done either during blue hour or at night. Because we need low lighting condition for a long exposure shot. We put the camera settings in long exposure(1s to 6s). Then use lights to paint as we desire and the camera captures the shapes we draw.

Light Painting in Hampi

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If you think we invented it not at all. We learned it from the great Eric Pare and his Youtube videos and implemented the same. He teaches everything you need to know through his videos about the craft.

What type of gear you need?

You need a camera and a tripod to start with to be honest. Your camera (even phone) should be able to take slow shutter photos. You need a torch or a light source of any kind. All you need to do then is trigger the shutter and in front of the camera quickly paint the shapes/words you want to appear.

We use our DSLR camera, tripod, torch light and light painting tube (bought from amazon).

How we carry our light painting gears during travel?

This is the most challenging part. Traveling by air with many camera gears is anyway challenging. On top of it we have this 5ft tubes with us. While in international travel you can check in long bags/ bigger begs and pack the tubes securely and checkin. But we actually check in our bigger tripod instead of the tubes. We have cut the tube a bit shorter to fit into the plastic art holders and carry it in our carry on flights (be it domestic /international).

All the Light painting and traveling we did

The places we went with our gears are in India and Thailand. In India we have been to Ladakh, Goa, Himachal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and West Bengal. In Thailand we have painted in Phuket and Krabi.




Himachal Pradesh



West Bengal

Tamil Nadu




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