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Majorca is a Spanish Balearic island in the Mediterranean. We planned a short trip to the island and in this travel guide we will help you to plan your perfect trip to Majorca islands. Though it is and Island the first thing you need to remember it is a big island and you need at least 3 days to see the island. The island is pronounced as ‘Muh – Yaw -Kah’, and spelled as Mallorca or Majorca Interchangeably.

Best Time to visit Mallorca

sunset at mallorca travel guide

You can visit Mallorca all year around, but the season is during European summer (Peak season) i.e. May to August. If you are coming from cold countries like UK , USA, Canada or Nordic Countries then you can actually visit during winter ( low Season) as well. You might get some cloudy days but it will be warmer than your home country. In our Majorca travel guide, I will suggest to target shoulder months like March, April or September, October for getting best of both world at a low season rates. We visited end of April and the weather was just perfect.

Language spoken in Majorca

Majorca is island of Spain hence Spanish is the main language that is spoken here. If you do not know spanish don’t worry as the island is quite commercial and everyone understands english. We never had to open the Google translate once in the island.

How many days are needed to plan a trip to Mallorca?

beautiful beaches of Majorca

In the map Mallorca looks small but it is a big island with loads of things to do and see. In our guide we would recommend to have at least 4 full days to spend in the island to see and do it all. If you want you can easily spend a week in here. If you do not have much time, minimum you can plan is for 3 days. We were there for total 5 days including our travel days.

How to Reach Majorca?

Majorca you can reach by flight or boat. You can take a boat from Barcelona but it takes longer hours, so in our Majorca travel guide we would recommend to take the flight. Palma International Airport gets flights from all over Europe, so will be very easy to get a flight to the airport. Unlike other European airport Palma airport is very big, busy and with plenty of people to help even in odd hours.

Airport Transfers in Majorca Travel Guide

port de soller

When we took a late night flight from Glasgow, UK to Palma, Mallorca we were really confused about the transportation to the hotel. This section is to help you exactly with that from our experience.

Cheapest Option:

Is to take the local airport bus to your hotel or any part of the island. It is very affordable and efficient. The buses run till midnight in most of the routes and to Palma city even after midnight. You can find the time-table here. The cost per person will be 9€ to 15€ max depending on your route. Only problem with this if you reach after 1AM then there are no buses.

Mid-Range Option

Mallorca city sightseeing

You can book an airport shuttle. That will be a little bit more expensive than the bus but not that expensive either. You need to pre-book the transfer online and come with the receipt at the gate in the airport, where your bus number will be given. Now in some cases it can be a big bus that will wait for all the passengers to get in. Including coming from different flights before departure. Now this means you might have to wait for 1 to 2 hrs before it leaves. We were lucky to be the last one in and it left within 15 mins of us boarding. If you are okay with the wait and to pay 15€ per person then this is your option. We used this option and booked through ShuttleDirect.

Affordable Option:

The next option is to take your rental vehicle from the airport on arrival for your stay, depending on the car rental rates. This is the most convenient one incase you are planning to drive in the island.

Expensive Option

You can take airport taxi to reach your destination, it will cost roughly 50€ to reach Palma city from the airport. If you are 4 people then this should be the most convenient option for you. Uber also operates in the island, bit more expensive than regular cabs. At late night chances of not getting one is higher

Recommendation on Where to stay in Mallorca Travel Guide?

Magaluf Party capital of Majorca

In our Majorca travel guide, the first thing we will say is based on the mode of transport you chose in the island, decides where you should stay. Let me explain what I mean. If you are renting a car or two wheeler in the island then you can chose to stay anywhere you like. If you are like us, and will be exploring the island by bus then I will suggest you to book a hotel in Palma city. It will be a bit expensive but all the buses starts from here so it is worth the time you will save. If you still want to save some bucks then the best bet will be Magaluf, party capital of Mallorca. It is very well connected. The plus point of Magaluf you have the restaurants and shops open till dawn but the downside is it gets very noisy at night.

Getting Around in Mallorca

Beautiful coves in Majorc

You need to hire a car to fully explore Mallorca. It gives you the freedom you need to see things at your own pace. In summer months you need your own transport, specially if you want to enjoy sunsets. You need to book your transport well ahead of time if you are visiting in peak season. You can not drive? That’s absolutely fine as the island is very well connected in public transport. You really don’t need to worry. You can take the bus anywhere in the island.

Please carry your international driving permit, if you are travelling from a country outside the European union. It is illegal to drive in Spain without an IDP.

Eating out in Majorca?

Eating out in Majorca is going to be very affordable. You will have both option of fine dine with small take-away kebab shop. We had Spanish Paella in small dine-in places. The portions were huge and mean for two didn’t cost us more than €25.

Is the Tap water Safe to Drink?

Palma de Mallorca in our travel guide

Tap water is safe to drunk in Majorca but the taste is not so good so it is preferred to drink bottled water. we got our 7 ltr water bottle in €3 from the nearby grocery store.

Is Mallorca Safe?

Absolutely. We took bus all around stayed after dark in not so famous places but not even once we felt unsafe. If you are staying in Magaluf area and a female solo traveler, you might get some stares and interested dudes looking for a date. Otherwise it is completely safe place to be.

Do I need to carry Cash?

Valldemossa Mallorca

Not at all. The entire island accept card so we didn’t use cash at all. Even in the buses it is encouraged to use any debit/credit card, hence group ticket discounts are added if you purchase ticket using same card.

Budget of Travel to Majorca

Majorca is very popular as a European summer holiday place so it is wise to visit during shoulder seasons to get the best of the bucks. We visited during April and here is a breakdown of our cost

Flight Cost 45 to 55 k ₹24to 45 £
Hostels40€ p.p./night
Hotels70 to 90€/night
Luxury Accommodation200€ +/night
Bus1.85€/trip p.p.
Scooter30 to 60 €/day
Car Rental50 to 100 €/day
Takeaway6 to 10 €
Small Restaurants15 to 20€
Fancy Restaurants25 to 40 €
Activities50 to 80€

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