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Monsoon is here and we are all desperate to go out and enjoy, any place that we can visit near Mumbai or Pune during Monsoon. Specially when we are almost locked at home for a year and still scared to go long trip during COVID. All these places are around 5-7hrs driving distance from Mumbai and Pune, so you can try them out this monsoon. Here is our top places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon.

COVID Guidelines to follow

COVID is still there so even if you are planning to travel make sure to follow the states guidelines. Please stay away from locals to avoid spreading infections. You need to choose properties and make sure they are well sanitized and adhering to COVID guidelines. Try to avoid public transportation for your leisure travel, opt for driving to the destination instead. You can checkout the link here to know more about your travel, if e-pass/RTPCR is needed or not. You need to avoid the general hiking routes, unless you are capable of self camping. The reason is that these places normally offers home stays in the village and they might not entertain you in the current situation and it is risky.

List of Places to Visit Near Mumbai in Monsoon


Matheran is a perfect Eco friendly place to be in monsoon. There are plenty of resorts to take care of your nature break. It is just 5 hrs drive from Mumbai and you need to park your car and then hike to reach this gorgeous hill station. Matheran is a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. You can even opt for digital detox as the hill station often struggles with network ranges. You can visit Matheran all throughout the year but monsoon has it own charm. If you are a photographer and interested in macro photography, monsoon will be the perfect time to go for a macro photography tour.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat will be the perfect place to visit near Mumbai or Pune in Monsoon. This place is actually curved out for your perfect monsoon getaway. It has picturesque and stunning drive through reserve forest and dams. You need to book the MTDC resort here to get the best feel of the place. Gorgeous view point with multiple waterfalls all around is all you will need in your monsoon trip.


Mahabaleshwar is a really famous and touristy getaway in Mahrashtra. It is mainly known for traveling during the winter months, but trust me the place can be equally breathtaking during monsoon. A place suitable for all season but you can see a different charm in Monsoon. If you are visiting either Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani, please make sure to carry warm clothes as in monsoon it gets colder than winter. Enjoy your stay with frozen strawberry with fresh cream.


Harihareshwar MTDC resort view

Harihareshwar is a little offbeat place to explore during monsoon, but hear us out. It is a well known beach destination. Harihareshwar is also a pilgrimage site. But you will love the beaches here as they are surrounded by massive hill and jungles. You will enjoy your stay here even in monsoon with lush green hills behind you and the vast ocean in front. Our recommendation will be to manage a booking in MTDC hotel, they have the nicest location and watch out for their dragonfly restaurant at the cliff side.


Lonavala is one of the most popular destination for both Mumbai and Pune people to head out during monsoon. It does get over crowded at times but you can still manage to book a unique location or a place in Lonavala or Khandala away from the crowd. You can try places like Uksan which hardly the crowd visits located by the lake and a perfect getaway during monsoon. You will have lush green hills with 4-5 waterfall trickling down.

Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is actually very close to Lonavala and not far from either Mumbai or Pune. If you love camping then Pawna lake is just for you. It offers normal and luxury camping packages all throughout the lake, along with 3 meals. If you do not like the idea of camping then there are plenty of luxury home stays that you can chose from for a night by the lake. Trust us, be it monsoon or winter you will love this place.


Pic Courtesy Wikipedia

Bhandardara dam is a huge area surrounded by the western ghat hills and lake. You can opt for camping near this lake or go for plenty of resorts and home stays available here. It is a gorgeous place to be in all season, but in monsoon there is something special that happens here. You need to book at the onset of monsoon for your trip to see fireflies in Bhandardara. It’s really famous and amazing to look at these twinkling fireflies all around you.

Mulshi Dam

Mulshi Dam near Pune

Mulshi Dam is more closer to Pune than Mumbai, but not that far as well that you can’t drive all the way out to this location. It is located near Tamhini ghat so you will get gorgeous and huge waterfalls all around the dam. You can chose many hidden trails for spectacular view points or lakes in an around Tamhini ghat. Mulshi Dam has few big resorts, as well as home stays but still not that crowded.


Pic Courtesy Wikipedia

Alibaug, you must be wondering what a beach destination is doing here during monsoon article. You know it’s often most occupied by the beach or seafood lover in any weekend or long weekend. So, we have to put this on the list. On top of that Alibaug is pretty, you have some near by hills around 30-55mins driving distance, if you want to enjoy waterfalls or forts while in Alibaug. If you are into luxury there are many five star hotels to chose for your stay so this can be one of your option, getting the best of both worlds.

Kaas Plateau

Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

In our list of places to visit near Mumbai during monsoon, Kaas Plateau is the furthest of the lot in terms of driving distance. But, if you are up for it we give you guarantee the drive will gorgeous and the plateau will not disappoint you. This place is in Satara and often know as the valley of flowers for a reason. This plateau is made of volcanic rocks, so during the end of monsoon season you have bed of wildflowers growing here.Thus, the name valley of flower in West India. You can’t stay exactly in the plateau but there are few options near Kaas lake, but our recommendation will be to stay in Satara.

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Places to Visit Near Mumbai in Monsoon
Places to Visit Near Pune in Monsoon

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