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Smögen located in west coast of Sweden, a perfect getaway in a Swedish summer town. Therefore, it is very popular amongst the Swede as a summer getaway, but the outside world is a little bit unaware of this little hidden gem. So, when we were visiting Gothenburg, asked my friend if Smögen is a good option to visit and she was like Of Course. We visited Smögen in April, it’s not yet the touristy season.

When to visit Smögen?

When to visit Smogen

It is ideal to visit during summer month as nordic countries will be extremely cold in winter. We travelled in April which was not too cold, but lot many businesses have not started yet. Being said that, we often wonder how it look like in winter. Maybe someday we can re-visit in winter.

How to reach Smögen from Gothenburg?

view from double decker bus sweden

There are many buses that takes you to Smögen from Gothenburg bus terminal. It takes roughly two and half hour to reach here. You can get the direct bus no 861 from the city (check here), but it’s not that frequent. If you are okay to change busses then you will have options in every one hour.

Top things to do in Smögen

1. Boardwalk

board walk in smogen

The boardwalk near the pier Smögenbryggan, is beautiful. You will have the ocean on one side and shops and restaurants on the other. This place can get really busy in summertime causing to wait to complete the walk. The walk is easy for few 15-20 mins one way. Basically, I suggest you to walk till the end so that you can see the beautiful colourful fishing huts. These huts in Smögenbryggan, is one of the most famous and photographed place in Smögen.

2. Eat Seafood

swedish fika

In the boardwalk by the pier there are some amazing restaurants you can try or have lunch at. However, if you are visiting in the evening then have Fika here. We highly recommend you to try seafood here, it’s fresh and yummy.

3. Walk around the town

Smögen is a very cute little town. The houses in the town are vibrant in colour and beautiful. Therefore, once you reach the bus stop, walk towards the pier through different lanes of the town.

4. Go for swimming or explore the rocks

rocks in smogen

If it is summer you can take a plunge in the water and go for swimming. If you are visiting in winter or shoulder months then you can explore the rocky boulders around the city. You can go for a hike around Kleven and get a good view point of the city.

5. Boat Trip

boat in smogen

You can opt for a boat trip from the pier. It takes you to visit the nearby lighthouse on a boat, but the trips are available only in summer. You can find more information here.

If you want, you can opt to stay in Smögen, there are many airBnBs, but we did not. we chose to stay Lysekill instead and took the bus as day trip. You can do a day trip Lysekill from here.

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