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Thailand is famous for its street food in a very wrong way, most of it highlights on bizarre creatures you can find and eat here. The country has more to offer in terms of its cuisine rather than eating insects. In this blog we will cover the top 10 Thailand street food you can try, when visiting the country for the first time. Don’t worry! we will have some vegetarian options as well. On the other note, as the country is very touristy finding any other cuisine is easy.

List of Top 10 Thailand Street Food

1. Pad Thai Noodle

Pad Thai noodles Is a must have Thai street food

Pad Thai Noodle is one of the famous Thai dishes one should go for. This dish is made of rice flat noodles mainly topped with vegetables, along with non- vegetarian toppings of your choice. You can opt it with sea food, chicken, prawns or just veggies. It tastes heavenly with sprinkled crush peanuts and Thai sauce. You can find this dish on the streets as well as five star restaurants.

2. Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of the top dishes of Thailand

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup is a soup you have to try at Thailand streets. This is a clear soup with chicken chunks or leg in it, along with glass noodles. It comes with sweet basil leave, sprouts and different sauces on the side, which enhances the whole experience. The speciality of this soup is, it’s tasty broth, as it is cooked for hours before serving it to the customers. It is a must have if you are in Thailand.

3. Pineapple Fried Rice

Mouthwatering pineapple fried rice is go to Thai street food

Pineapple Fried Rice is one of the crazy and unique combination one can think of in Thai food. Honestly, it’s way better in taste than pineapple pizza. Its regular fried rice but with chunky pineapple pieces along with dry fruits, served inside half cut pineapple. As it looks good it tastes good too and this dish can be made for vegetarian only.

4. Tom Yum Soup

Tom yum goong or tom yum chicken soup is a must in Thailand

Now this dish is pretty famous world wide, wherever you go in the world, all the south east asian restaurants will be serving you this soup. Tom Yum Goong (Prawns) or Tom Yum Kha (Chicken) is the one to try for. Tom Yum soup is made with coconut cream Thai ginger and lemon grass, is a soul food for anyone. It’s a must try in Thailand.

5. Thai Style Sea food Grill/ Fish Grill

Fish grilled in Thai style is sea food lovers paradise

This one is little tricky as with many foreign tourists in every coastal cities grill fish and sea food is a readily available. The street food counters initially offers Fish n Chips, BBQ. Fish or Lemon Butter Grill. You need to ask for Thai style preparation like: Fist fry with Spicy Thai Sauce, Fish Grill with Thai chilly etc. As you are in Thailand a grill fish or grilled seafood is a must have.

6. Som Tam

Who could have though Raw Papaya salad could tastes this good

Som Tam is a Papaya Salad, it is the vegetarian only dish, rather that’s what we saw in Thailand. In this dish, raw papaya is shredded and mashed with green chillies, ground nut, tomatoes and oil inside a stone grinder. Salad is served with more ground nut powder, salt and lemon juice. Trust me it’s really tasty, healthy and vegan option.

7. Thai Pan Cake

Thai pan cake is a stuffed roti with choice of fruits or nutella

Thai Pan Cake is different than the typical pan cake, it is more like stuffed Roti. Now, you will get it everywhere in Thailand streets. Flour Rotis are fried in Oil, then stuffed with any topping of your choice: Nutella, Fresh Fruits like Banana, Mango etc. and before serving decorated with condensed milk. Trust me it tastes so good you have no idea. This is one the vegetarian sweet dish you got to try.

8. Rice along with Thai Curry Red/Green

Thai curry with rice is pretty famous in street side stalls or posh restaurants. Mainly there are two varieties to chose from Green or Red, whatever you chose and wherever you eat it, It’s going to taste awesome. Thus, the curry can be vegetarian, chicken or pork based on your liking.

9. Coconut ice-cream

Coconut ice cream from street side vendor in Thailand

Coconut ice-cream is absolutely awesome. If you have ever tried tender coconut ice-cream before and you liked it, then this is going to be just for you. Fresh tender coconut along with coconut flavoured ice cream with topping, as well as sauce of your choice is just amazing.

10. Mango Sticky Rice

Saved the best for last is Mango sticky rice, being Indian we are very familiar with Mango and Rice, but never thought of having sticky rice with Mango. Little hesitantly, when we tried this, we realised hands own one of the best food in Thailand is Mango Sticky rice. Sticky rice with cut chunky pieces of mango, along with condensed milk and coconut cream is an absolutely divine combination. You can enjoy this dish, doesn’t matter you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarians.

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Thailand Street Food
Top Thai Dishes to try

If we missed any dish to try out and if you have any recommendation, please let us know in the comments. We will love to try them out on our next visit to the country.

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